All one needs to know

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

(“Blessed is He who revealed the Criterion upon His servant, that he may be to all the worlds a warner!” Quran, Surah 3: The Criterion, verse 3)

For the first time (innovation, in Arabic bid’a, the opposite of tradition) Frithjof Schuon founded an esoteric spiritual order on metaphysics and not on revelation; SO HE DENIED THE ONLY AUTHORITY THAT COULD DESTROY HIS GENIAL INVENTION: HE DENIED THE AUTHORITY OF GOD! Actually what he founded, was only a universalist movement, based upon his own misinterpretations of metaphysical concepts. Real metaphysics is the language of Truth, so it matches what God said: HIS Name is The Truth (الحق). Frithjof Schuon was famous for lying (!) And he degraded the idea of “movements;” yet he created one, because what he started was based upon his own intellectual intuition, which was not submitted to God’s Words, His Prophet or an orthodox Shaykh. In fact, he created a NEW way of judging ALL revelations – a way God never mentioned! Frithjof Schuon made HIMSELF the Criterion of Truth, whereas God revealed The Criterion, and He made it final!

Obviously his invented path led nowhere, so scandals about him (even highly exaggerated, and with dreadful insinuations) went around the world, with no Divine Help to stop them. To avoid his going to jail (And yes, he was guilty: He had embraced three girls, 13, 14 and 15, who were bare-breasted, when many people were present, including me, and on more than one occasion)… since God was not helping, we were told to use profane means, like a smear campaign against the accuser (who sort of deserved it; but that kind of thing was forbidden by the Prophet) and we were told to lie under oath, saying: “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God!” Online, there’s a video of him, lying and furious, about his passing a miserable year due to despicable accusations; but he was guilty; the accuser was right: He did add some lurid imagination; but lies deserve lies!

See the first video on this site: “News accounts of the 1991 Frithjof Schuon legal ordeal.” ( ) . Even the word “ordeal” in the title of that site, is a public relations tool; and throughout, he is lying, and so convincingly! In my book, I explain: 25 years earlier, when I first arrived to live in Switzerland, Catherine Schuon told me that he had no use for truth on a low plane. Her reasons sounded reasonable, so I thought no more about it.

I am “the lady” in that video, and the other woman mentioned as one supposedly just coming to ask him questions, was a beautiful young woman, 45 years younger than he was, who he called a wife for no reason; and he spent hours everyday making love to her. I was there with them twice a week. He is asked, in that video,”Who are those who come to you, like Sharlyn Romaine (who was obviously a beauty)?” He says they come to ask me questions; I am a philosopher. Well, yes, we came for that; but three of us ended up with his calling us “wives,” when we were both legally and spiritually married to his close disciples. Yes, I too believed that everything he said was the Truth; but I got over it! He said I was his wife: It didnt occur to me to wonder if God said otherwise! Albeit I didnt really understand for decades, no one wanted me to talk to the officials during the hearing, because Im frank and believe in truth. Later I apologized on television for lying (that once in a lifetime, for him) – and actually I told the whole city of Indianapolis, that we had ALL lied, and that I was apologizing for all of us. Soon some lawyers offered me $10,000 if I’d leave town!

Mark Koslow was an awful person, half angel and half I’d rather not say; HOWEVER, many of the accusations that Frithjof Schuon said applied to Koslow, REALLY APPLIED TO HIMSELF! He was one to project HIS character onto others! The lying in this “story” comes in layers, and is despicable – beyond anything I could have imagined. That site does not only lie, it also calls those who tell the truth liars. That site only came into existence in May (?) of 2020; and it’s pretty obviously against me. I’d also almost guess who made that site: The lawyer I call Sidi Xyz in my forthcoming book. He is Michael Fitzgerald, who was our lawyer, and who came to see me the day before a opened this site. Hoping we would come to peace, I talked to him, trying hard, before speaking so publicly. We laughed together: He’s affable, realistic, and was a very fine person once; but he became a great non plus ultra liar! This is a dreadful thing: when one is too long around a bad leader, one becomes too stained oneself.

The case was dropped, partly because the accuser got the dates wrong; but there was some kind of “political” influence too. The prosecutor got fired, and a newspaper article said there was “not a shred of evidence” against him! Why? Because there was a spiritual, public relations campaign. That was also behind most of those newspaper reports you see. Lies were told for a reason: The Truth, with a capital T, was USED as a cover, to hide lies about truth, with a small t. Or say that Gnosis was used to cover passion. The Shaykh’s disciple/lawyer, who I have so far “veiled” in my book – calling him “Sidi Xyz,” even lied to poor Seyyed Hossein Nasr in a letter which is online, and he lied to my own father saying I’d lied to him, my own father, who knows I don’t lie! I mean really that fellow has got some repentance or trouble coming! May he repent, so they benefited from the initiated barakah in spite of him. and be forgiven. I’ve tried talking to him several times; but one should never lose hope, or stop being ready to take old friends back. There were people like him, who were once VERY good; but they became liars and were blinded with time: Our “Shaykh” had contagious lying-itis. He also had women all around him, while pretending to be the greatest of philosophers and devoid of interest in women. Actually, few fuqara realized the extent of it.

Although his books and lectures seem holy, his life was immoral – especially as regards nudity, sexuality and lying. However, he broke other decrees in Islam, due to his idea that he was a superior person and above the law. The morality in the Mosaic Law, in the commandments of Jesus Christ and in the Shariah of Islam, were called “Semitic moralism.”

I was fooled for so long and concerning so many things; that I now know all the ins and outs of the problems, and am available to help others. However, all things lead towards good for those who love God. That means both me and you. As for “them,” I hope to meet again those I’ve loved and lost in the highways and the byways of this life – trying never to delete, or to replace people with others, but only to add. No one knows how some died, or who will change. I always pray for them, and hope to see them again, purified.

In the Quran, 5:44, God says that those who do not judge by the Quran are disbelievers. God says to take Muhammad as a model too. (33:20) When asked if his six themes of meditation were in the Quran, Frithjof Schuon said exactly, “I don’t care what is in ANY book.” Emphasis his. About 50 people were present, and tapes were made: It was an outdoor “audience.” I listened to the tape of his saying that, dozens of times; but not drawing conclusions yet. He said he’d open a NEW Paradise for the Religio perennis, which would be ABOVE the Paradises of the revealed religions! God created the Religio perennis; He made the Paradises; and He appointed His Prophets (one of whom, Frithjof Schuon was not). The Prophets (sent by God) situated the Religio perennis in the heart of each religion, and not HIGHER than God’s Words! There IS no TRANSCENDENT unity of religions! As concerns the Sunnah of the Prophet, he told me and another “wife” that the fuqara should follow his Sunnah, and not the Sunnah of Muhammad. He said we should walk around his house too, and not make Hajj or Umra; and he called himself a “Messenger,” knowing perfectly well that “messenger” is the translation of the Arabic word for “Prophet.” GOD’S chosen, FINAL Prophet said, “All my followers will go to Paradise, except those who refuse.” Who are those who refuse? he was asked. “Those who refuse to follow MY Sunnah.” Frithjof Schuon also declared himself to be a sage; and he placed sages higher than all saints and Prophets.

The lying, the public relations campaigns and the emphasis on appearances… was all worldly, profane, and actually kufr (disbelief); but there was so MUCH beauty; and there were so many attractive and talented people around, that we got blinded by impressions. In Bloomington, the inner circle was also made up mostly of Americans; and being one myself, I realize that Occidentals, and especially us Americans, are open to all kinds of errors due to a lack of heritage. Especially “the Shaykh” and his first wife (but with much help from unconsciously worldly people, who thought they were aristocratic, due to wealth and talents) led us into something unbelievably hard to see through – unless one knew the CRITERIA of Truth, of Goodness, and of real Beauty of SOUL. We were all taught exquisite good taste: The physical beauty really was unsurpassible; but alas, it served to obfuscate those who enjoyed it.

Gnosis has ever existed; however, one can pervert one’s Gnostic realization if one isn’t submitted (مسلم). There’s only one religion: It’s called “submission.” “Everybody” knows that there IS nothing but Allah, that annihilation in the Divine Essence and in the Messenger exists; but no matter how great a human being is, he remains a “slave,” a servant, a worshipper of God. Allah said: إِن كُلُّ مَن فِي السَّماواتِ وَالأَرضِ إِلّا آتِي الرَّحمٰنِ عَبدًا “There is none in the heavens and the earth but he comes to the All-Beneficent as a servant.” (Quran 19: 93). Many people, of different religions, have said things like “I am the Truth:” That can even be a state one is in for “thousands of years;” but one still must obey the commandments of one’s religion. It seems that there are people who are beyond morality too; but they don’t break the sacred laws; because they see wisdom in those laws, way far past what other people see. Every revelation, Prophet and Gnostic Shaykh agreed on that – until Frithjof Schuon came along. You think some words of a great Gnostic Shaykh contradict what I’m saying? See the “Quotations from the Masters of Tasawwuf” on this site. The perfect saint is the highest, AND the utmost in knowledge of his own nothingness , precisely because there IS nothing except God. The Shahadah contains all of Gnosis; and there’s no way to attain knowledge without the Prophet.

You will see (Well don’t go to the trouble: I’ll spell it out for you)! “THERE’S A METHOD IN MY MADNESS,” as Shakespeare said, in telling you sexual things about this low person, who seemed sublime: He wanted to be worshipped for his race, his gifts of intelligence, his physical body – and especially for his masculinity! He thought he was magnificent, and a REAL MAN! Sexual and nudist sayings and events, as well as all the CAREFULLY POSED photographs (I was there; they were taken by Barbara Perry), reveal something essential. The events are an indication of the UPSIDE DOWN (Anti-God), so-called esoteric doctrines and the whole problem with Frithjof Schuon. All told, this is one of the worst heresies in the history of mankind. It is also the most hidden.

HE HIMSELF chose the name “‘Isa” (Jesus). He also (and this is HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT) heard a mysterious voice, calling him by the name “‘Isa Nur ud-Din” (Jesus, the Divine Light of religion). Jesus was an EMBODIMENT of the Word and Spirit of God. One could say that his physical self was a veil or a cover over revelation; or say that he WAS a revelation, like the Quran is the revelation in Islam.

Ibn Arabī wrote an entire chapter on Jesus in Fuṣūṣ al-ḥikam, in which Jesus is characterized by five names that most clearly explain his attributes, each of which of represents an important characteristic that Ibn al-’Arabī wishes to convey about Jesus as the Universal Seal of Sanctity. The only way in these times to be higher than Jesus Christ, is to become above all Prophets, to become The Seal of the Sages, and/or to become a Universal Sage – assuming you define a sage as being better than a Prophet. Frithjof Schuon managed to become all of those and more.

He had four wives. I was the third, and his favorite person on earth for twenty years. I had no doubts about him, and we confided everything in one another. That’s why I learned so much; but it’s also the reason that I practically died due to un-learning what I thought I knew – so of course I want to help you others. Well, after I’d been “married” (for no reason: He just said so) … after I’d been married for a few weeks, he told me that he couldn’t support me materially, the way most husbands do; but he hoped that he provided me with better than that, because I was able to see him naked, to see his private parts; and he had the impression that the sight of him that way was a GIFT TO MANKIND. As a young wife, I thought nothing of it, that this was just a part of marriage secrets. I guessed it was just an expression of male sexuality, combined with the fact that he was someone phenomenal. In Switzerland, he did not show himself naked to groups of people the way he did in Bloomington, and there were saintly fuqara, but only in Switzerland: His deviance was not apparent. In the U.S., after 1980, he, himself, did not change; but he manifested his worst tendencies doubly, due to encouragement from his last “wife.”

I had forgotten many remarks and incidents, but had understood that he was a false spiritual master, when I returned to the United States to try and help others, in 2013. I had no idea how I was going to do that, nor were my ideas anywhere near as clear as they are today, in 2020. Once back in the States, I wasted years, feeling helpless, and knowing nothing of technology. Finally, I discovered the internet and saw all the people who had scrambled up the facts; but who had been brave, resourceful and sometimes brilliant with insights I’d not thought of.

On one site (link below) I saw a photocopy of a handwritten text. Barbara Perry, had written out a poem that she and I used recite about him, WITH HIS PERMISSION. Later (and VERY SIGNIFICANTLY) he would hear the voice of the Blessed Virgin, reciting that same poem inside himself. You will realize, that whatever he wanted to be or have, he would hear a voice saying that he was that; or he or a disciple would have a dream showing that he WAS exactly what he WANTED TO BE. Those voices, and the scenes in dreams, were caused by his ego. Somewhere in William C. Chittick’s book on Ibn Arabi and the Sufi path of knowledge, I saw a passage in which Ibn Arabi is saying that paranormal states can be caused bg feey the Spirit, the ego or the devil! Intellectual intuition, which seems to be revelation to the one who has it, is a prime example of what must be submitted, “muslim,” to revelation. That’s one reason one needs a master; and the great masters teach their disciples to ignore all phenomena that aren’t in perfect line with the Shariah. Frithjof Schuon taught that too! He taught nobility, humility, devotion to, and fear of, God…and all kinds of things he only practiced in words.

So here are some words from the poem us two “wives” used to recite together:

يا عيسى بن مريم عليك السلام

 ان جسمك للغفار لثام

وتنزيل الرحمان للناس

(Oh Jesus, son of Maryam, upon thee be peace

Truly thy body is for the All-Forgiving a clothing,

And a revelation of the All-Merciful for mankind)!

Lord forgive me! That poem equates Frithjof Schuon with Jesus; it also makes him himself a revelation (and thus above Prophets who only RECEIVED revelations); AND it calls his physical body a clothing for GOD Himself, as expressed in two Divine Names. Barbara Perry (my much-loved sister wife) was a great poet in secret. She also had a cult of quasi worship for “our husband and Shaykh;” and she was, all told, an exceedingly gifted, very feminine and loving person. They were all so impressive, attractive, talented and full of personality, that I adored each one and poured myself into their ways. My three sister-wives, and the two legal husbands of Barbara Perry and myself – were the family of the Shaykh. Everyone realized that we came together with him; but no one knew that we were sleeping with the wrong people. Everyone did know that we “came with” the Shaykh. You invite him: you get all of us! Even Catherine Schuon and Whitall Perry had been seeing one another naked, downstairs, for ten years, while their spouses were making love upstairs. Morally, there was chaos. I cannot explain why; but there was a tremendously strong feeling that everything was perfectly all right. This is one of the few things that cannot be conveyed in words.

There are many “scandal sheets” online, written by people who left, after seeing too much. Only this one (link below) is worth skimming through. You can see how true and how terrible a problem I’m telling you about. I’m not swearing by the text, which goes into some weird insinuations. Black magic, money laundering, drugs and millions of dollars of zakat got in there! (Lies led to a Pandora box full of lies)! However, the actual handwritten letters by three wives, not me, are worth reading. As for me, I’m mis-quoted all through – even in quotation marks. marks!

There was something strange about all those scandal-mongers – albeits they had brilliant insights and the right to be angry. Although this could be wrong, I opine that there was an uncontrolable “rash” of scandal sheets, due to the mysterious forces one cannot control when mixing religious forms – as was described by René Guénon; but God knows best. Here there are paintings of Maryam naked, and photographs of himself, posing naked. There are also two of maybe 100 “icons” of him, naked, and a text by Catherine Schuon, written in Switzerland when only Barbara Perry and I were “wives.” In that she justifies our two marriages” (confirmed only by his words, and with very slippery, untrue “facts”) which she also lied about many times before and afterwards, in writing too.

Actually, for eight years, he was intimate with Barbara Perry; but never even told her if she was a wife or what. She never asked; but then when I came along, I wanted to know if I was a wife or a concubine. (Adultery never occurred to me). He said I had to be a wife, so I got permission to tell Barbara Perry that we were both wives. He put new wedding rings on our fingers, but didn’t even tell our husbands. He based his doctrines on “experiences” and dream-visions, whereas true Shuyukh base their Turuq on all aspects of revelation; that is they start from God, not from their own gifts of metaphysical intelligence. There are also signed legal documents, by witnesses of various nudist and sexual events. Way at the end is a newspaper article by the Native Americans, dissassociating themselves from the Schuons, who were adopted by them. I’m very sorry: This is a terrible and unattractive story. There are many other “scandal sheets” online, a bit hard to find; and personally, I find them all too ugly to read through; at least this one has evidence; it’s alarming, but not actually essential unless you’d like visual proof. Everything is as clear as the nose on your face, with or without pictures; it is also as veiled as a play when the curtain closes after the last act! That “curtain” was an almost impenetrable veil made by the Shaytan: HE GOT INTO THE KIND OF INTELLIGENCE THAT COMES FROM THE SPIRIT IN MAN – NOT IN INTELLIGENCE OF THE MIND! That’s an end time conundrum for us, among the several others in this story. It is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, when judged by the CRITERIA of revelation though. Just now I’m reminded of a Christian story in The Way of a Pilgrim. The devil appeared in the form of a man. The Bible was handed to him: he disappeared!

If you look at the “Quotations…” page on this site, you’ll realize over and over again that esoterism starts with exotericism: لا طريقة بغير شريعة (There can be no Tariqah without Shariah. That’s a Sufi adage; and Seyyed Hossein Nasr taught me that when I was 17; but I didn’t know much of the Shariah, and I forgot what he had taught me until I was half dead due to confusion). Junayd; the Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani; the Emir Abdul Qadir; al-Ghazali; the master of Frithjof Schuon, who was the Shaykh al-Alawi; Shaykh Yahya Abdul Wahid (René Guénon); Ibn Ajiba…all the great Gnostic Shuyukh said it, back to the Prophet himself. God says it!

أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا أَطِيعُوا اللهَ وَأَطِيعُوا الرَّ‌سُولَ وَأُولِي الْأَمْرِ‌ مِنكُمْ ۖ فَإِن تَنَازَعْتُمْ فِي شَيْءٍ فَرُ‌دُّوهُ إِلَى اللهِ وَالرَّ‌سُولِ إِن كُنتُمْ تُؤْمِنُونَ بِاللهِ وَالْيَوْمِ الْآخِرِ‌ ۚ ذَٰلِكَ خَيْرٌ‌ وَأَحْسَنُ تَأْوِيلًا

“Obey the Messenger, and those charged with authority among you. If ye differ in anything among yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger…” (Quran 4:59)

Some say that Frithjof Schuon was like al-Hallaj, well: “Abû Ishâq Ibrâhim al-Hulwânî once asked Huseyn ibn Mansur AL-HALLAJ what he thought of the esoteric teaching (madhhab al-bâtin). Al-Hallâj replied: “What do you mean, the real one or the false one (bâtin al-bâtil aw bâtin al-haqq)? If it is a matter of true esotericism, the exoteric path (Sharîah) is its outward appearance, and whoever follows it truly discovers its inner aspect, which is none other than the knowledge of Allâh (marifah bi’Llâh); as for false esotericism, its outer and inner aspects are the most horrible and detestable, the one and the other. So stay away.”  Do you think Ibn Arabi was above exotericism? Especially in the Occident, he is quoted as saying things beyond morality, and beyond Islam; but here’s what he said: “I am innocent before Allâh of all that could differ from the Book of Allâh and the Sunna of the Envoy of Allâh – on him grace and peace! »

My publisher made a half-hour video of me talking, because I’m 81 and could die at any time. There have been so many lies told in this “story” that neither of us want translations into languages which might not be faithful – and Malai and Persian are on the horizon. In there, I talk about Seyyed Hossein Nasr and Martin Lings, so they aren’t discussed on this, now much shortened site. The book is not really about me, or about Frithjof Schuon. It’s about how God takes care of those who trust in Him; and it ends beautifully. Spiritually, I found better than I’d been able to imagine existed. On the plane of the world too: I’m ending my life with ten children, over 20 grandchildren, and a house that looks out on a field and distant mountains!

One day, just before I left, he and Sayyidah Badriyyah were with me, at her house as usual, for a loving, magnanimous visit. We were all happy together; but then they started practicing how he could sit naked (for the Hindu darshan: the blessing that comes from seeing a saint). He wanted his private parts to be perfectly visible, while he would yet look holy). Nudity in darshan is NOT orthodox in Hinduism! Tisn’t even orthodox Tantrism; and all nudity is strictly forbidden in Advaita Vedanta! I wasn’t paying much attention to them; but the next two times, when I went for my visit, they told me we would only have a brief tea together: She was taking him to another house to show him naked to some of the faqirat. The second time, I’d had enough. Since I adored her too, I wasn’t jealous; but I was tired of them, and my common sense was coming to the fore. So I wrote the two of them a loving letter, and said I was moving a bit away after my legal divorce to my legal husband went into effect. The Shaykh said he couldn’t divorce me, because he was a bodhhisattva and couldn’t cause division; I finally left anyway; but his saying that was on a taped court record. I think they are now saying that he rejected me – actually, he did, but years after I asked for a spiritual divorce, and moved a little ways out of the center. When I moved, I hadn’t the slightest doubts about him as a spiritual master: I wanted out of the marriages and the lies. He and all the others except one, forced me to believe that something was very wrong; but it took me decades to really understand, due to graces. Allah taught me through the Quran.

The first time (of the many) when he appeared to about 50 of us, in effect naked; it was planned, in front of me: If anyone asked Catherine Schuon, that person was to be told that he was wearing skin-colored tights. A faqir did ask Catherine Schuon, who did say, “He was not naked: He was wearing tights.” The faqir said, “No; he was naked;” and he was never invited again. He’s still alive, but a Christian. Anyone could ask him to be a witness; but what happens is that most people WILL to become anonymous and stay out of everything to do with those people once they realize what has gone wrong. No one will talk, and then nothing can be proven; but “falsehood is ever bound to vanish,” says the Quran. Anyway, I’m willing to talk enough for everyone; but I’ve had letters from all over the world, and from people of different religions. Many of their ideas made this site more discerning.

Once, during the Grand Jury hearing (in which he was accused of child molestation) Frithjof Schuon made a video for television, when I was present, and so was Sharlyn Romaine, his fourth wife. On television, he claimed that one had only to read his books to see that he was incapable of passion. That day, when he said one could tell by his books that he was incapable of passion, he was right! From his books and from his lies, one could believe anything; but he was a highly sexual person! In that there is no blame; but he identified himself with Jesus Christ and also said that he was a bodhisattva. He was an exceedingly convincing liar, and so was Catherine Schuon, because he lied with the same certitude that he had about One Reality or the Absolute Truth, and she lied because she believed that he represented the absolute Truth, so ordinary truth didn’t count! The devil got such free reign inside him that he lied even inside himself! That devil gets unleashed when the sacred is mixed with self-love, and Frithjof Schuon knew that could happen, and even wrote about it; but he was so far gone that he didn’t realize that he was describing his own self!

I want to explain something for non-Muslims who are happy with their ways to God. In Islam, Muslims are told that there is only one religion; and that religion is Islam. The word “islam” means “submission” in Arabic; so God said that everyone in the world, must submit to Him. The Quran ALSO says that God’s Words NEVER CHANGE; so everyone who ever lived, and everyone who will ever live, must SUBMIT TO GOD, or he has no religion, and no way back to God’ll said with more nuances in the book. A religion is the only way to get back to God; and the word “religion” comes from the Latin re+ligio, which means “re-link” (man to God). Frithjof Schuon knew that. He had to have a religion, and he choose the last one, Islam; but HE DID NOT SUBMIT TO GOD! Not only that, he disliked his own religion, preferring Hinduism; and he mixed garbled Hindu “ideas” with Islam, with Native American religions and Christianity too. When someone heard one of US say something bad about Islam; then people would say “That’s the lunacy of Sayyidah so-and-so…but no! At least until he was too old to know, WE said what HE said! He is one of the most obvious heretics of all time – and that is true as seen from the point of view of ANY religion, and in God’s Sight. His was a SIMPLE case of megalomania. What was NOT simple was all the ways that both his life and his doctrines were covered, hidden, decorated; HOWEVER, the second one recognizes THE CRITERION OF TRUTH AND GOODNESS, THE CRITERION OF BEAUTY OF CHARACTER, AND OF WHAT CONSTITUTES THE SUPERIOR PERSON IN THE EYES OF THE LORD OF US ALL…then there never was a problem, and there cannot be anymore problems like this one, which cost many people much of their lives. Now some Muslims may think other religions are not still valid, whereas I do; and I love them all. Well, see the page called “Ibn Arabi on perennialism.” That has few words by me on it: We are all benefiting from great scholars and Gnostics.

For those of you who are not Muslims, the Truth remains basically the same: One follows God and a Messenger sent by Him, or a human being, who has metaphysical intelligence. What it boils down to is deciding what is the CRITERION of Truth. The Quran is called The Criterion, and God says: قال فالحق والحق اقول (The Truth is and the Truth I speak). For Frithjof Schuon, the Criterion was himself. I can prove that: Once he was leaving a Majlis and walked through a group of invoking women, most of whom had their eyes closed, and all of whom “knew” that he had one, pure marriage and no passions at all. As he was passing through the women’s section, he exchanged radiant, romantic glances, with a beautiful young married woman. So far so good; but one of the faqirat saw that. Since she was troubled and confused, she asked Catherine Schuon (WHO WAS THE SPIRITUAL MISTRESS OF ALL THE FAQIRAT, and who knew perfectly well that the young beauty would be his 4th wife) about it after the majalis. She was told that her eyes had deceived her. As she often did though, even when she was sure (because some believed him, but not her. They both lied; but she confirmed his and he hers)…well, Catherine Schuon said she’d go upstairs and ask the Shaykh. Upon her return, she told the faqirah again, “That did not happen. It’s impossible, so your eyes have deceived you. She said no, that she’d seen it with her own two eyes. Later, I was present when the Shaykh and Catherine Schuon were discussing that. They were both angry, and said the faqirah should believe the (lies of her) master, NOT her eyes. They wanted blind obedience to hide the fact that he was human: He loved women, which is perfectly normal; and we all knew that the lovely young, married faqirah would be his fourth “wife!” Liking women was NOT normal for him, because he was claiming to be a Christic manifestation, an Avataric phenomenon, a bodhisattva, the king of the world and a bunch of other things, explained with more nuance in my book, which is full of more happiness than all this..

One of the countless problems is that Frithjof Schuon invented a whole new theory of religions, based upon the genius or lack of it, in races! He was an Aryan. Muhammad was a Semite. Not a whit more elevated than white people who belittle Africans, he belittles Semites, Islam and its Messenger, while exalting himself in every way. See the page on doctrine, on this site, or: De-Semitizing Ibn ʿArabī: Aryanism and the Schuonian Discourse of Religious Authenticity,” by Gregory A. Lipton. In there, Lipton shows how Schuon followed, not Islam, but the nineteenth century INVENTION of pride in being an Aryan, like Hitler was proud, like the heretical Rudolf Steiner was proud. Frithjof Schuon’s father was a disciple of Rudolf Steiner; and that was why he knew about all scriptures from his childhood. As a devotee of Steiner, Schuon’s father was required to keep the scriptures of all major religions on a table, displayed. Lipton proves his thesis by quoting Schuon: See a few extracts on the doctrinal page of this site.

René Guénon, who had warning signs going back to 1935, was still reserving judgement up until about 1946. Only in 1950 do we see in writing, that he had long before that, separated himself completely. We have his letters to several men – denouncing the doctrines and practices of Frithjof Schuon in a series of letters posted on this site. Then, by 1984, Frithjof Schuon, with Martin Lings “beside him,” claimed to be higher and better than Guénon. If you think Martin Lings was a lovely, saintly person – yes, we all thought so; but he was also a fool in some respects; and that got into his teaching. You will soon realize that Frithjof Schuon got higher and better than everyone, including all the Messengers appointed by God. Actually, he got higher than God too: He appointed himself as a Messenger of God’s, and above all the usuals! Now one mode of shirk is obeying anyone who allows what God forbids. Legitimately appointed dignitaries taught his six themes. Was it heresy on their part, and on the part of those who followed them? Both Seyyed Hossein Nasr and Martin Lings were great men, and had some spiritual realization; however I write about them in the forthcoming book, and they are in the video of me speaking, up above.

Frithjof Schuon said, in effect, “There is no god but Me; and I replace the Prophet, and all other Prophets too.” The devil was at his very best – dancing and decorating every move with a sense of the sacred and esoteric doctrines! This heresy in Islamic esoterism came under the guise of being “THE highEST GNOSIS” I mean non plus ultra – way up high in the sky, ABOVE the sky and IN the sun, above all the revelations, which were deemed lower revelations than the on had; his heresy was supposedly REVEALED in itself, ABOVE saints and Prophets! Somebody had an “Above complex!” That was promoted with a brilliant, spiritual, public relations campaign, which has won on the internet – even on Wikipedia! Lawsuits, jail, and being considered insane – all those things “went with the territory,” when anyone criticized him or those to whom he gave authority. Yes, I’ve been in jail and told that I needed “professional help.” I’ve also been handcuffed and hauled into court (for walking on the road they lived on). I was also pursued by the professionally trained watchdog of the fourth wife, who was my dearest friend on earth for her first five years. There’s only one God, and He choose His Messengers. I talk a lot; but this site could be very short!

There are photographs of Frithjof Schuon and René Guénon standing beside one another, which are woefully deceiving and date from the time before Guénon definitively concluded that his previous friend was far astray. There’s also a letter from Guénon, which is often posted, and which obscures his conclusion. It was written in 1946, which is when Guénon had concrete evidence. Now Guénon was not some individual, who differed in points of view with Schuon: Far from that! Guénon was a true traditionalist, which means that he stood with God, the Prophet and ProphetS, as did all the Gnostic saints of all time. Like many others, Guénon took awhile to find evidence that everything was wrong; then he said that the “Tariqah” of Frithjof Schuon risked becoming no more than another Universalist movement, along the lines of Vivekananda: That’s exactly what happened.

As for spiritual realization: Yes; Frithjof Schuon obviously did have some form of that; but there are mysteries unfathomable within that domain. None of us knew that there are levels of realization, types, aberrations and falls – all possible if one disobeys God and His appointed intermediaries – quite including, in Tasawwuf, a true Shaykh. For decades, I was puzzled by this. The Shaykh al-Alawi, who initiated him, knew all the pitfalls; but he choose to be his own (ego’s) disciple. (Notice the quote from the Shaykh al-Alawi in “Quotations from the masters of Tasawwuf” on this site). There is a strange phenomenon too; but this is far beyond the likes of me: Some people are BORN with some kind of realization – and yet they are nothing at all! Why, how? There’s also a type of paranormal intelligence one may obtain without any religion or spiritual discipline. Why or anything, I’ve no idea! There are a fair number of people online with some realization. There are “half-Shaykhs” all over the world too, even teaching the Shariah; but something is wrong. Someone told me that this happens due to imperfect intentions.

Recently, I got a letter saying I overuse the word “genius.” Look: That’s the whole point! I cannot convey to anyone, how hard it was to see through someone who was such a multi-faceted genius. He had some form of realization, was an artist, a poet, and a musician; he could heal with his hands (so could the fourth wife, somewhat) and could hypnotize. He had psycho-spiritual openings or some inexplicable “gift;” his personality was irresistible for spiritual and talented people; and he was extremely powerful psychically so that whatever he wanted to be, someone would have a dream meaning he was precisely that! And/or he himself would have a dream or a locution – all noticed and denounced by Guenon. Those phenomenons had spiritual beauty, but telltale signs: Something was contrary to revelation; or they were wrong because they honored him; and he was not the kind of person God or His Prophet would honor.

He could also “pick up” ideas from afar. If I thought something, when I was away from him; he would tell me what it was the next time I saw him. Of all the veils though (I mean covers) the hardest to see through was the fact that he had some kind of spiritual realization. Not I, nor anyone else, could have imagined that such a “gift” can exist without sanctity.

When us two, second and third wives were a dead secret, the faqir who lived across from the Shaykh’s house, had what seemed to be a sacred dream about us three “wives” – confirming what was absolutely forbidden! PSYCHICALLY the manifestation was AS IF EVERYTHING AROUND FRITHJOF SCHUON WAS SACRED! I was holding the Shaykh’s hand in the dream – and that’s the way it seemed to be: We were lovers and best friends forever! You’ll see the psychic complexity if you read my forthcoming book, which also describes seeming-miracles and his visions as well as those of his disciples. The SPIRITUALLY BEAUTIFUL, but OBVIOUSLY (looking back now) PSYCHIC dreams of himself and others, were reflections of HIS inner state, in which spiritual beauty was MIXED with his desire to be great and with his passions. This was exceedingly confusing to say the least; but the CONCLUSION is ALWAYS the SAME as it has been from time immmorial: ALL PHENOMENONS must be ignored unless CONFORMING TO REVELATION. There was no way to understand without judging by the Words of God and His Messengers, which are the CRITERIA OF TRUTH.

In his own eyes, thunder, lightning and rainbows confirmed his world-shaking importance; and here’s another symbol: the Shaykh al-Alawi said, “Come forward THAT I MAY GIVE YOU THE TARIQAH!” He told me that was not the custom and it was symbolic: The Shaykh was naming HIM as his successor. Recently, at age 80, I was initiated by an orthodox muqaddam in another Tariqah. The day I was to be initiated, he wrote me a note: “This afternoon, I WILL GIVE YOU THE TARIQAH!”

The Pharaonic possibility has been unleashed in the end times – in the final religion, Islam, and in its heart, Sufism. That then effects the esoterisms of all religions, through a new (bid’a) version of “perennialism,” now considered a School, and having a capital letter (Perennialism, and just add Traditionalism too). Now he owns them both! That “School” was founded by a megalomaniac, and placed above all God’s revelations. (Well, there is a school, but it is represented by Guénon and Ananda Coomaraswamy, et al. in our times). The deception has come HIGHLY DECORATED with INTELLIGENCE OF MANY KINDS (most notably including an acute awareness of the ABSOLUTE TRUTH), TRADITIONAL BEAUTY, TALENTS, GIFTS, a sense of the CHILDLIKE, PERSONALITY, HUMOR and CHARM, or you may call it PHENOMENAL CHARISMA. Why God allowed such a possibility, is not completely obscure: It’s a perfect and a predicted lesson and test for intellectuals and spiritual people at the very end of the Dark Age. It’s as if the God of us all is saying: “Return to Me: MY Words endure forever. Remember what I said; and do not follow anything new, or anyone who does not agree with Me – especially if he calls himself a Messenger!” Real Messengers are sent by God. Frithjof Schuon said he was one; but we can be sure God didn’t send him! HE said: “And say: The truth has come, and falsehood has vanished. Surely falsehood is ever bound to vanish.” (Quran 17:81) وَقُلْ جَآءَ ٱلْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ ٱلْبَٰطِلُ ۚ إِنَّ ٱلْبَٰطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا 

5 thoughts on “All one needs to know

  1. Thank you for your interesting blog post. As a spiritual seeker myself, I am trying to engage in some discernment. In particular, I am trying to discern whether Guenon is a trustworthy source, if it turns out that Schuon is not.

    Near the end of your post, you wrote: “Like many others, Guénon took awhile to find evidence that everything was wrong.As for spiritual realization: Yes; he obviously did have some form of that; but there are mysteries unfathomable within that domain.” Does the “he” here refer to Guenon or Schuon? Thank you.


    1. Oh dear! I’m sorry, there must be a mistake in the text. I’ll correct it. Frithjof Schuon obviously had some kind of realization; but he was born with it! AND from childhood (I could tell from his stories) he was self-centered and exceedingly easily offended by the slightest slight. I had NO idea there was such a possibility; but as life went on, I met or heard of, read about, people who had genial “levels” of gifts to the spirit. There are people with no character or taste at all, who are born knowing! There are also New Age ways of attaining hyper-consciousness, without religion! René Guénon, was one of the greatest Gnostic saints of all time! Being human, he had to learn and made several mistakes before drawing conclusions – early in his life, and again with Schuon, who was quite a conundrum. Actually, like Titus Burckhardt and Martin Lings (only in this respect..,I don’t mean that they were so perfect)… due to virtue, one has to stay “with” a spiritual person until it is absolutely sure, proven, that he is astray. Guénon had a role in regard to the modern world too: he destroyed all the idols!

      There are tremendous levels, or ranks, of Gnosis. I had no idea about anything – much less that. A great wali…I’ll take Abdul Qadir al-Jilani as an example, because he was a Qutb of his time and generally known…one could say that he knew 100,000 levels of knowledge, above other Awliya of his time. But even ordinarily people can know who is dead on center right: ALL the greatest saints, and of all religions, have said the same things! And they all have such a sense of their own nothingness that one can’t approach their consciousness of there being nothing that exists but indescribable Non-Duality. You’re obviously a Muslim, so I can put it another way: All of knowledge is in the Shahadah. The Fatihah, the Quran..the realities we all have in front of us – that’s where all the treasures are found!

      There were little incidents Frithjof Schuon told me about his past and present; and things happened around him…that I coundnt situate AT ALL. It was only decades after I’d left that I realized the whole picture. Even then, I needed a grace from Above…Then, I saw that the answers were ALSO all around me – in the Quran and ahadith. Just the words مالك يوم الدين refuted Schuon enough. All these things are better explained in the book. I’m sorry, it’s full of childhood memories too. Publishers can be complicated: they like whole lives!


      1. Thank you very much for your informative, detailed reply.

        To be sure, I am not a Muslim, but someone searching for the true faith (or the true faith most fit for me).

        Thank you again.


  2. Frithjof Schuon only showed me a card, with a few words on it, quite scribely looking, and he said it was his “ijaza.” I also half-believed Cyril Glasse, who said he met the translator, who was present when Schuon asked to be a Muqaddam and was refused. (For some complex reasons, I am wary of believing Cyril Glasse – albeit, he would never lie! That’s hard to explain; but is in my book). A kind reader has sent me the following information, correcting my impression. I see that Shaykh Addah ben Tounes praised him and gave him a perfect “Ijaza” as explained below. Personally, this means nothing at all to me. If Shaykh Addah ben Tounes even saw one photograph of the many online, he would regret having given any praise at all: HOWEVER, in the interest of truth, I make all the information below available for posterity, and will put the actual text of the Ijaza here, when I receive it.

    Concerning FS’s ijaza and the function of muqaddam, here are extracts of 4 letters from FS which could interest you (see below Küry, Lings, Vâlsan and Glassé). Unless FS lies, these letters provide some clarification to what I wrote previously to several people (and maybe also in my book). I wrote :

    – I am not sure he was ever named a muqaddam. FS says in 3 of these letters that Adda ben Tounes named him muqaddam in Mostaganem.

    – It was some careless looking words on a card.

    – he received it after he got back from Mostaghanem. FS says in 2 letters that he received it in Mostaganem on the day he was named Muqaddam.

    – where he had asked to be named muqaddam for Europe and was refused (see letter to Glassé).

    – Frithjof Schuon showed that certificate to Victor Danner and asked him to translate it for him. It was a typical phrase of Eid greetings. The commenter sent me the translation, so now I know that he had a perfect Ijaza. It could well be that the card Victor Danner saw was only an Eid card.

    Lettre de Mostaghanem du 20.II.1935 à Hans Küry

    Je viens de passer sept jours et nuits en retraite et en méditation dans une cellule sombre que je n’avais le droit de quitter, le visage couvert, que pour les ablutions et les prières, sans rompre mon silence. Je recevais tous les soirs un repas et dormais par terre. Une partie de la nuit aussi, je persévérais dans le dhikr. Le septième jour, le Cheikh (Adda ben Tunes) me conduisit à la tombe de Sidna Ahmed rahimahullah, me questionna au sujet de mes expériences spirituelles, me félicita et me chargea de noter à l’avenir tout ce qui me serait révélé durant mes méditations. Puis il me conféra la dignité de moqaddem.

    Lettre de Pully du 3.II.1950 à Martin Lings

    En principe tout initié peut initier, et c’est pour cela que la fonction de moqaddem n’exige pas d’investiture.

    Lettre de Pully du 26.II.1973 à Michel Vâlsan

    Merci de la peine que vous vous êtes donnée en déchiffrant mon document. S. Addah me l’a donné en mars 1935, après ma khalwah, en me disant qu’il avait décidé – en sa qualité de khalîfah du Cheikh Al-Alaoui – de me nommer moqaddem ; il désignait le document par le terme ijâzah, ce qui en effet signifie « diplôme ». […] // Ensemble avec l’ijâzah, S. Addah me donna des explications verbales concernant la forme du rite d’initiation ; et il ouvrit le Koran pour me montrer la formule à prononcer, dans la sourate El-Fath. // Quant à la teneur de l’ijâzah, je ferai la remarque suivante : comme il n’y a aucune autorité en Islam qui puisse interdire à un Musulman de répandre l’Islam, il ne peut y avoir aucune autorité qui puisse ou doive en donner la permission ; l’ijâzah ne peut donc se référer qu’à une fonction dont l’exercice dépend d’une autorisation, telle la fonction initiatique de moqaddem. La forme elliptique du document peut s’expliquer par le souci de ne le rendre intelligible que pro domo et non en dehors de la Tarîqah ; j’ai d’ailleurs des raisons de croire que les plus anciennes ijâzât devaient s’exprimer d’une manière analogue. J’ajouterai que l’ellipsisme de S. Addah s’explique le plus simplement par une prudence bien compréhensible à l’égard de la police française, qui voyait d’un mauvais œil les tentatives d’expansion des turuq, surtout vers la France. // M’ayant donné l’ijâzah, S. Addah me parla encore de la Silsilah et surtout des signes prouvant qu’un faqîr est devenu Shaikh el-Barakah. Pour cela il faut surtout deux choses, me dit-il : premièrement, chez le faqîr, la certitude subite d’être devenu Cheikh, et deuxièmement, dans son entourage, des songes indiquant ce transfert de la Barakah. // Quand, lors de mon premier séjour au Caire, je montrai à Sh. AbdW ma ijâzah, il me dit que ce document n’avait aucune valeur, étant donné l’évidence de ma fonction.

    Lettre de Bloomington du 30.XI.1987 à Cyril Glassé

    Contrairement à ce qui vous a été raconté, je fus initié par le Shaykh El-Allâwî lors de ma première visite à Mostaganem en présence de Sidi Addah ben Tounès; ce fut en 1933. // Deux années plus tard, lors de ma seconde visite à Mostaganem, Sidi Addah m’informa de sa décision de me conférer la fonction de Moqaddem et il me donna un diplôme – une ijâzah – signé par lui-même. // Après la mort du Khalîfah Sidi Addâh, il m’était impossible d’accepter le programme propagandiste de son fils, Sidi El-Mahdi, ce qui eut pour conséquence que les partisans de ce dernier me devinrent hostiles. Certains prétendaient que je n’aurais jamais rencontré le Shaykh El-Allâwî, et que j’aurais été initié par Sidi Addah; et d’autres semblent raconter maintenant que j’aurais sollicité la fonction de Moqaddem et que Sidi Addah me l’aurait refusée. C’est bien mal me connaître, d’autant qu’aucun homme respectable ne s’abaisse à demander une dignité.

    I accept these clarifications and better understand the ijaza/ muqaddam topic, so I am making corrections everywhere possible.


    1. This is the French translation of the ijâza. After it, is an English translation made on the Internet with

      « Au Nom de Dieu, Clément et Miséricordieux ! Louange à Dieu ! Paix sur Ses serviteurs qu’Il a élus ! J’atteste, et Dieu est le meilleur témoin, d’une attestation faite purement pour Lui (litt. « pour Sa noble Face »), que nous avons fréquenté l’être à l’âme pure, aux vertus excellentes et à la pénitence sincère, le frère en Dieu Sîdî ‘Îsâ Nûr al-Dîn, Européen de résidence et de naissance, et que celui-ci a été récemment en relations prolongées avec nous, ce qui nous a permis de scruter les états de l’homme, ses paroles et ses actes, et nous n’en avons vu – et c’est la vérité qu’il faut dire – que ce qui tranquillise le croyant et plaît à l’affilié à Dieu, le Bienveillant, l’Informé, Lui qui élit pour Lui-même qui Il veut et guide vers Lui-même qui se repent. Sur la base de ma connaissance de ce frère en Dieu, je l’ai autorisé à diffuser l’appel à l’islam parmi les Européens, en enseignant la parole du tawhîd : « Pas de divinité si ce n’est Dieu, Muhammad est l’envoyé de Dieu », et ce qui en découle comme rites religieux obligatoires. Dieu a dit : « Et qui parle mieux que celui qui appelle à Dieu et agit justement et dit : je suis au nombre des musulmans ? » Je lui recommande, comme je me le recommande à moi-même, de craindre Dieu en son for intérieur comme à l’extérieur, et d’éviter les penchants (maṭāmi‘) de l’âme (nafs), de ne pas suivre ses passions et de s’en remettre à Dieu dans toutes ses affaires : Dieu suffit à qui s’en remet à Lui. Dieu réalise son ordre. Et Dieu a écrit pour chaque chose son destin.– Cette ijâza a été émise par le serviteur de son Seigneur qui obéit à Ses ordres et qui espère Son pardon et qui implore Ses faveurs.– Adda Bin Tounis ».

      “In the Name of God, The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful! Praise be to God! Peace on His servants whom He has chosen! I testify, and God is the best witness, with an attestation made purely for Him (litt. for His Noble Face) that we have been in relation with the being with a pure soul, with excellent virtues and sincere penitence, the brother in God Sîdî ‘Îsâ Nûr al-Dîn, European by residence and birth, and that he has recently been in prolonged relations with us, which has allowed us to scrutinize the states of the man, his words and deeds, and we have seen – and it is the truth that must be said – only that which tranquilizes the believer and pleases the one affiliated with God, the Benevolent, the Informed, He who elects for Himself whom He wants and guides to Himself those who repent. On the basis of my knowledge of this brother in God, I have authorized him to spread the call to Islam among Europeans, teaching the word of the Tawhid: “No divinity but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God,” and what follows from this as obligatory religious rites. God said: “And who speaks better than one who calls to God and acts justly and says: I am among the Muslims?” I recommend him, as I recommend myself, to fear God inwardly and outwardly, and to avoid the inclinations (maṭāmi’) of the soul (nafs), not to follow ones passions and to rely on God in all affairs: God suffices to those who rely on Him. God carries out his order. And God has written for each thing its destiny. This ijâza was issued by the servant of his Lord who obeys His orders and who hopes for His forgiveness and begs for His favors – Adda Bin Tounis”.

      As FS says in his letter to Vâlsan, no Muslim needs permission “to spread the call to Islam among Europeans”. The document must therefore have another purpose.


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